Theme Song
We had several other really good titles for this book, but we finally decided to give it some thought provoking title like the one displayed on the cover, instead of something unbelievably idiotic. If you don’t care for the one that we chose, then you can go ahead and kiss us where the sun refuses to shine! I’m sorry. I mean, after you finish reading the series; you can go and get your own marker, draw a straight line in the middle of a blank page, then fill in the blank with your own damn title. All we ask is that you don’t name this work of art something fruity, like:
The Life Stories of Ben Dover and Turner Round…
The Comedians Having Wide-Open Issues
247 Home Improvement Ideas Using Pickle Jars
Sex and Violence: True Confessions of a Blow-Up Doll
Learning Trigonometry from Dominoes
or Crunchy Peanut Butter
Parking Hot Rods Inside of Your Girl Friends Garages
Dr. Anus Brown’s D-I-Y Guide for Colonoscopies
Or…better yet;
Reverend Prune’s Recipes for Farting in Public
Places Inconspicuously!
Okay! Okay! I think they get it. C’mon…just give it some thought. Oh…by the way, don’t stand there while you’re waiting in the store all day reading it. It makes you look like a fool with nothing else better to do than to loiter around while waiting for a chance to sneak a peek into one of those magazines with the shrink-wrapped on it. Just buy it, for heaven’s sake! Thanks! ---Ed.
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